Ambassador event

Accepted file types: mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, mpg, Max. file size: 50 MB.

Contest rules

  1. This promotion is open to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador over 18 years of age. All employees of any tenants, stores, services or occupants of The Village Shopping Centre and their immediate families, Plaza Group employees and their immediate families are not permitted to participate.
  2. Participants must create and present a video respecting the following guidelines. No purchase is necessary. Multiple entries are permitted.
  • Video content guidelines:
    • Duration and format:

The video, may not be longer than 3 minutes in duration filmed in HD, (high definition) format which may be posted on the web (The Village Shopping Centre website, intranet, and social media): .wmv, .mov, .mpeg, .avi, .mp4

    • Subject:

The video must be an original production and comply with all contest rules and regulations with respect to the content under the following guidelines:

    • The core message of the video must display positivity and mobilize the community.
    • You must introduce yourself and explain the reasons why you are the ideal candidate to become a VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTRE Ambassador.
    • The message must communicate “why” the VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTRE is your preferred shopping centre.
    • The message must mention your favourite store or boutique and the reasons why it is so.
    • The message should include a product or service offered by one of our merchants and explain the reason why it is a favourite of yours.
  • Date:

The contest begins on November 4th, 2021; ends on January 30th,  2021 at 5 pm.

  • Submit your video by registering on our website:
  • Prize:

Winners will be awarded $1000 in The Village Shopping Centre gift certificates. The winner may spend $500 from this amount, at his discretion, with the remaining amount distributed as follows:

  • $100 spent at 5 different merchants.  One video from one of the following categories:
    • Fashion
    • Fashion accessories
    • High-tech products
    • Groceries or restaurants
    • Household items
  • A short video of each of the 5 shopping trips
  • The winning video shall be announced on February 15th, 2021.
  1. Content restrictions:

The video must contain original images and must be an original production by the participant. The video may not have been previously submitted, distributed,  broadcasted or have been the winning subject of a previous contest; submissions must not contain any images or material deemed inappropriate in any way by the Village Shopping Centre or cause any prejudice to any individual or to the name and reputation or image of the Village Shopping Centre in any way.


  1. A selection committee will pick the video finalists. All decisions relating to this contest are made by the Village Shopping Centre and shall be considered final. The committee is composed of the staff members and owners from the Village Shopping Centre. The videos will be judged according to the theme and the following criteria: Originality, delivery of the message, quality of the design and content. Once the final selection is determined, it will be submitted to a vote by the community by way of social media.


  1. Participants retain the ownership rights to the video; however, once submitted, the video copy belongs exclusively to the Village Shopping Centre. All participants agree to grant permission to The Village Shopping Centre to use the video for promotions, education or other uses. In submitting their video, participants agree to renounce all moral rights regarding the video. The Village Shopping Centre reserves the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, broadcast, display, forward and distribute the video including the title, soundtrack, text and all other information submitted by the participants without obtaining any additional permission or additional compensation, or allowing a third party to do so.


  1. The Village Shopping Centre reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel, to terminate or to discontinue this contest should an event or tampering with the entry process occur to compromise or affect the administration, the security, the impartiality or the outcome of the contest as directed within the current rules and regulations.


  1. The organizers of the contest reserve the right to disqualify any entrant found to violate contest rules or attempt to tamper with the entry process rules, preventing other participants of a fair chance to enter.


The Village Shopping Centre reserves the right to modify the above rules in the event that tampering compromises the good execution of the promotion. This being the case, a set of new rules and regulations will be written and made available to all patrons.

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